Thank you for visiting this site. This site has been sitting here not doing much, but it is my intention to update it now. It is my hope you will find something useful here. The title of this site is taken from a Sterling A. Brown poem, “When de Saints Go Ma’Ching Home.”

Over the years I have amassed a very large collection of books on African American studies, history, literature, and critical texts. Additionally, I have a very large digital library of related academic articles from journals. As such, what you will mostly find here are thoughtful close readings.

One of the schools I attending during undergrad was a historically Black college and my major was a concentration in African American literature. I went on to earn and interdisciplinary degree as well as a master’s from Johns Hopkins.

I am the author of After Marriage: Poems In and Out of Disunion.

You may learn more about me at www.richardjtilley.com

Contact – richard -at- richardjtilley.com

The banner image is a work by Kara Walker.