Thank you. There are many different ways you can contribute to my work if you like the content on one of my websites.

First is by word-of-mouth. Post a link or discuss a post on social media. If you are on twitter. Spreading the word is the easiest way to help out and an interesting way to start a discussion.

If you are so inclined to assist financially, I was instructed by my advisor in college to leave to option open for others. You never know who would like to help over the cost of hosting these sites or for books for further research. I am employed, but like most people live paycheck to paycheck so any amount really does make a difference. Here is my link.

However, the best way to help financially is to buy one of my books. It would be great if you could leave feedback as well. I have three books available through most bookstores, but for point of ease here are the Amazon links for Provoking God , After Marriageand Where Did My Goldfish Go? Like my websites, promoting my books through word-of-mouth goes farther than you might realize.

Thank you for your consideration of supporting my ideas.

Thank you,

Richard J Tilley